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Leave Management System

An online leave management system automates and streamlines the process of managing employee leave and attendance. Key features include:

  • Automates leave application and approval, reducing paperwork and manual handling.
  • Employees can apply for leave online, providing necessary details and documentation.
  • Employees can check their available leave balance in real-time.
  • Employees can view their leave history, including past and upcoming leaves.
  • Managers can review and approve or reject leave requests.

Inventory Management System

An inventory management system ensures efficient tracking and management of hardware. It provides real-time visibility into asset locations, usage, and maintenance schedules. Key features include:

  • Automates the tracking of inventory items, reducing manual errors and improving accuracy.
  • Provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, helping to manage stock effectively.
  • Ensures accurate record-keeping, aiding in audits and compliance with regulations.
  • Helps track and manage government assets, ensuring optimal use and maintenance.

Online Recruitment Portal

An online recruitment portal streamlines recruitment process by automating job postings, application collection, and candidate screening. By reducing paperwork and administrative tasks, it improves efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Key features include:

  • Automates job postings, application collection, and candidate tracking, reducing administrative workload.
  • Offers a user-friendly platform for application submission and status tracking, enhancing candidate satisfaction.
  • Maintains a centralized database of applications and candidate information for easy access and management.
  • Accelerates the hiring process by reducing the time required for each recruitment stage.

Online RTI Portal

The Online RTI portal has been initiated to make it convenient for people to access information about the Gauhati High Court and its outlying Benches. Through the web portal, Indian citizens can file their RTI Application and First Appeal online and make e-payment of fees through Internet Banking or UPI facility.Key features include:

  • File RTI applications anytime, anywhere, removing geographical barriers.
  • Automates submission, tracking, and responses, reducing paperwork.
  • Records all requests and responses, promoting transparency.
  • Enables convenient online payment, simplifying the fee submission process.
  • Real-time status updates for users and institutions, ensuring timely responses.